An email from Kenny Yabu

Some of you may remember Kenny Yabu, the  guy who worked at the Tokyo Park Hyatt we brought out to realise his dream of coming to Australia. He sent me this email today.

 Dear Tim,

Last night, we had another big one and it was so scared!
We have 7 cats and they went crazy! Running around and crying hard and jumping around.
Our mind is so crazy for balancing problem. So much after shock and rack of power in the city and Government is cutting off the Power mandatory.

Day and night, no lights and living with candle!

We are scared of Power reactor problem too and we have so much radiation matter on News on TV and I do not know when and what will comes later. <blocked::>

We went to Supermarket and no food in the store such as water and toilet paper and no canned goods.
Good things is we have so much in stock and water is pretty! We can survive for more than 2 weeks I reckons.

Sunday, I was working double shift! Now, no work due to so much cancelled on Booking and we can not operate the Hotel business.
It is madness! No work for 5 days! <blocked::>

Also we have petrol on street! And all the public transport is stopped or limited and no way of travel in city.

Oh dear, another quake!

I shall be under the table now,…..

Thanks a million!

warm wishes, with lots of love


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