I’ve always had a radio dream and last week on Hamish and Andy the lads were kind enough to make it come true.

Inspired by this passage in my book in the Chapter entitled “Whacky Radio Ideas That Never Made it”


“The contestant is blindfolded and brought into the studio. She then has to pat something on the head and decide whether it’s her Dad or a Golden Retriever that she’s patting. It sounds easy but there’s a twist, the dog is wearing a wig!”

Well I became the  “lady” contestant and Andy stepped into be my Dad (thank christ because those boys worked hard for those mega ratings, they don’t need my old man to fuck it up royaly for them)  and a dog wigged up to look so like Andy, Megan Gale wouldn’t know which one to pat.With Hamish’s soft Melbourne private school boy hands gently guiding me in the right direction, I gingerly touched hair and headband and was truly confused whether I was patting the dog or Andy Dad. Trusting my gut instincts I went with the dog but really it was a toss of the coin on the call. I was elated when the lads told me I had in fact picked the dog.So big thanks to the boys, Sam their wonder producer, the dog with the patience of a saint and the low rent prostitute who went without her blonde wig for half a day. You made my dream come true. Check out their podcast/website for audio.

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