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Mum had a Kingswood: Tales from the Life and Mind of Rosso, by Tim Ross
Mum had a Kingswood: Tales from the Life and Mind of Rosso, a memoir by Tim Ross. Published by Allen & Unwin,

You don’t have to be a Merrick and Rosso fan to enjoy this book. I certainly wasn’t. But I did find myself laughing out loud during this easy read, which leads you through the interesting childhood and career of this radio personality. Having Mum as a doctor, attending Sunday school, his uni rock band and enviable access to celebrities make good comic fodder. The book’s strong suit is his collection of beautiful tall tales from childhood, twisted to wring out every drip of humourous value.’ Herald Sun

And the end result is a very funny book telling all sorts of tales. There are warm, fuzzy childhood stories growing up in suburban Melbourne with billycarts and milkbars, indoor sports , first driving experiences and the family moving to Fiji for 6 months; teenage stories of girls, fires in dad’s workshop, mandarin liqueur, and the awkward years of bad clothes and bad hair that were the 80s; student tales of share-house madness (and how to get rid of mice!), being in a pub rock band, mates, more cars and Uni coming off second best.

And then there’s the moment when his stand-up comedy career took off, and how it led to him entertaining the nation on TV and radio. Stories from the early days working with Merrick, the rock stars and celebrities he met (and sometimes offended!): being patted like a Labrador by John Travolta, fighting about the definition of ‘chick flick’ with Cameron Diaz; the enthusiastic Sylvester Stallone; pub crawling with Bryan Brown; swearing at a former Vice President of the United States; and THAT orange Mambo shirt worn by David Bowie…

In between all these great anecdotes of life there are classic rants and raves, random ideas and other ‘stuff’! A mind dump of information about technology, Nigerian loan scams, relationships, party games, reality TV show and movie sequel ideas, how to bring a bit of celebrity into your own life and understanding Gen Y.

What are people saying about it?
‘This book reminds me a lot of Rosso: funny, smart and delightful to hang out with even when you’re sober.’
Judith Lucy
‘It’s a warped and witty, tunnel-vision glimpse of the world. (Certifiably warped.) Do funny things just happen to funny people? Or is it just because of the heavy drugs, testosterone and bat-induced rabies? Either way, Rosso makes me laugh a lot. We need madmen to keep us semi-sane. Onya Tim.’
Ray Martin
‘He’s always told a great story on the radio. I can’t wait to see some of his classics in print.’ Tom Williams ‘Rosso cuts through the bullshit and goes head on into the funny. An unabashed patriot with a genuine passion for suburbia. Mixes crassness with something resembling poignancy. In short – one very funny bastard.’
Peter Helliar
‘Rosso is the only man I’ve ever loved, next to Jeannie Little, he’s one of the funniest people in Australia. He’s a great bloke.’
Larry Emdur, ‘The Morning Show’, Channel 7
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