Why I like collecting stuff.

Now before you accuse me of going all inner city Melbourne Bloggy and wearing a crocheted retro tea cosy as shorts and riding a vintage girls bike into a tram while humming a Gareth Liddiard song…. hold your fooking horses.

Some people bring stray things home like abandoned puppies and herpes…Me I like junk shops cos there’s a lot of weird shit around and this little beauty just has to be dinkiest, aussiest, craftiest thing I’ve seen in a long time…OK look at the picture now.

I picked this up at a second hand store on Sydney’s Northern Beaches last weekend and I’ve been digging it ever since. An old lady sold a bunch of stuff to the dealer and this little device is a radio/transistor holder that her husband used when he used to go roo shooting. The handmade box, made of ply and fixed together with brass screws, features a chamber where the old bloke would put his radio and he built a speaker into the second chamber and linked them up with an earphone jack. The handle is a piece of leather, which I presume is fashioned from a gun belt of some sort.  Obviously old mate was scared of breaking his old Panasonic radio and this was a great way of protecting it.

I’ve plugged my Ipod into it and despite a few crackles it works a treat. They don’t make ’em like they used too…in fact they don’t actually make them at all.

Have a guess at how much it cost me on Twitter @Rossoworld and the first to guess wins  a copy of my book or a photo of this fuckwit from that Antiques show.

"Yes the bear was worth 10 quid until it touched me todger"

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